Our Planet

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 Tending to the environment and mitigating our impact:





  • We have replaced furrow-irrigation with solid-set sprinkler systems and drip irrigation in order to greatly increase our irrigation efficiency and water conservation efforts.
  • Integrating extensive compost use into our conventional growing practices has improved our soil quality and irrigation efficiency, and reduced our reliance on synthetic fertilizers.
  • Our in-house State Licensed Pest Control Adviser utilizes Integrated Pest Management to closely monitor and minimize non-organic pesticide use.
  • Transition from limited-use white wood pallets to the CHEP pallet pooling system has decreased our solid waste generation by more than 400,000lbs per year.
  • Converting our cooling facilities from Freon to Ammonia systems has allowed us to increase their energy efficiency as well as shrink our carbon footprint as ammonia’s ozone depletion and global warming potential are equal to zero.